Docker – PHP Apache MSSQL driver ubuntu 16.04

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I need to create this image because I use ArchLinux and a project need use SQLServe and Laravel. Laravel don’t work as well with dblib, so I need MS SQLSrv and MS ODBC drivers.

Here are a blog post (in portuguese (Brazil)) explain the case.


In this image there is installed some softwares to help your development, like Git, cURL, Apache and Composer.

Tags and softs versions

The name of the version is the PHP Version.

Docker file link: gjuniioor/php-sqlsrv Dockerfile | Docker Hub


docker pull gjuniioor/php-sqlsrv


$ docker run -d -p 80:80 -v projeto/laravel:/var/www/html gjuniioor/php-sqlsrv:7.0

And go to localhost.

Bugs, Questions and Contribution

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