Ubuntu – rkhunter update

  • The --update command only updates the files for the current version but does not upgrade to a newer version.
  • If you want the latest rkhunter…
    • Download the tar.gz file from the sourceforge project page. Latest download is 1.4.2.
    • Go to your ~/Downloads directory (or if you downloaded someone else to that directory) and extract the tar.gz file, cd into the newly created directory and install it.
    • In commands after you downloaded it …cd ~/Downloads tar xvfz rkhunter-{tab} cd rkhunter-{tab} sudo ./installer.sh --install (It will automatically fill out the version number when you press tab.)

After this you can check the version and update the resource file with:

sudo rkhunter --versioncheck
sudo rkhunter --update --propupd
sudo rkhunter --checkall

Regarding the error: see rkhunter.conf and comment out the SCRIPTWHITELIST=/usr/sbin/prelink or install prelink (Universe needs to be enabled) with

sudo apt-get install prelink

It is disabled at install and the config file /etc/default/prelink needs to be changed to enabled it (PRELINKING=yes) but that is not needed to prevent the error.


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